Blue Veranda Suites in Boracay Island, Philippines

Blue Veranda Suites, Boracay Island, Philippines

Only 20 meters from the World's most beautiful beach...

Blue Veranda Suites in Boracay Island, Philippines

Blue Veranda Suites is a 7-room Santorini-inspired resort located in one of the world’s most beautiful beaches - Boracay, Philippines.

Our foreign and local visitors just love where we are, a mere 30 steps to the whitest, finest sands and clearest waters on Earth and at the hub of the Island's activities. Hundreds of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, massage and tattoo parlors and the seafood market, where one can buy fresh catch and have it cooked at nearby kitchenettes, are but a stone's throw way.

Our location simply adds an edge of adventure and convenience to all who choose to stay with us.

We at the Veranda also like to do things differently. We set up the property as a themed resort conducive to a warm, cozy, sunny, experience as we believe in treating our guests to a very unique and delightful vacation.

Our blue and white motif adorned with sheer curtains where the sun peeks through during early morning breakfasts speak for it. Guests are pampered with jars of fruity shampoos, conditioners, body wash, assortment of body scrubs and lotions - just great after a hot day out in the beaches. Our spacious rooms accommodate a maximum of 6 persons - just perfect for families. Our staffs are eager to assist guests' needs as if they never left home. Moreover, the Resort manager personally handles all communication be it through the internet or telephone calls and makes sure to attend to all guests' special requests 24/7.

With us, we promise a truly pleasant experience for everyone.

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